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Making August Amazingly Awesome

Hi everyone,

August can be a struggle when your routine is disrupted by school holidays or work colleagues being away meaning your own workload is increased too. Add to that our British tendency to celebrate every ray of sunshine with a barbecue or a trip to the local hostelry for food and drinks, it means that a novice weight manager can be pulled in all directions at once.</p>

We know and we absolutely get it because we’ve all been there too. And here’s the best bit – even the very best weight managers, you know those friends you think maintain their weight by some form of black magic? Well they get it wrong sometimes too. I once asked a good friend who I thought had never had a thought about her weight in her life how she did it. Her reply shocked me.

“I weigh myself every week” she said.

She then went on to explain that if her weight was outside the boundary she set herself, she adjusted her intake and chose different meals straight away. I asked if her husband knew about this. “Oh no she replied, he’d just interfere! And sometimes he needs reining in too…”

So very quietly this friend manages her weight every single week and that of her husband too as it happens. It’s not black magic but learning (yes it is a skill) to intervene quickly and abandoning the old behaviours and ideas that run along the lines of “Oh I’ll do it next Monday/month/new year”.

So if you’ve returned from holiday and gasped quietly when you stood on the scales, don’t wait. Call today. You can choose to do one of our Practically Slim plans including conventional food so you can still join in with friends and family over the summer – just in a way that sets healthy boundaries for your eating and portion sizes. Learning to intervene straight away when your weight isn’t where you want it to be is perhaps one of the biggest lessons of any novice weight manager. It certainly doesn’t mean you’ve failed but that you’re still learning to get it better.

Make your August amazingly awesome and get to September with a smile on your face and your clothes nice and loose.</p>

Call if we can help,

Heather Newham
(CEO Practically Slim)

Product of the Month

Chocolate & Caramel Museli – a great breakfast option during weight loss and into maintenance too.  A crunchy way to start your day!

10 Ways You Are Mean To Yourself

Here’s a little exercise you can do to discover how and when you might choose to be kinder to yourself.

Make a list of ten ways you are mean to yourself because of your weight. Include your eating and food choices and how you look after your body. Include also things you do not do, which you might otherwise enjoy, because of your weight because you do not believe you “deserve” it or that you would look “silly”.

By making the negative things you choose to do very clear in black and white, your choices to move forward and manage yourself better mean that you will become a better weight manager.

What it is like to see your choices laid bare in front of you.

How might you encourage a good friend who shared this list with you to make changes?

What new choices would you like to make now?

Listening To Shame – Brené Brown

Being over-weight in Britain is being stigmatised and attacked more and more each day leading to people feeling ashamed not only about their body size but also about losing weight. Brené Brown is one of the leading researchers on shame and vulnerability and she says:

“If you put shame in a petri dish and you douse it with secrecy, silence and judgement it grows exponentially. You put shame in a petri dish and you douse it with a little empathy, it can’t survive.”

All our Practically Slim coaches understand this. We’ve been there too and our mission is to end the shame of being over-weight so you find it easier to learn how to manage your weight without guilt and shame getting in the way of your weight loss goals. Watch this video of a revealing Ted Talk given by Brené Brown. You might want a cup of coffee, it’s a little longer than normal at 25mins but I promise you, it’s worth it.

Time For A Laugh

Tell Daddy that Practically Slim can help him too!

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