Valentines Aquarian Sun

On Valentine’s day there is an easy aspect between the Aquarian Sun, Asteroid goddess Juno and Uranus, possibly bringing nice romantic surprises. On the 15 th Feb we have a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, stating a new cycle with the New Moon. Uranus is prominent as the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is the unpredictable planet. The good things are it can bring the spontaneous and exciting, ingenious, unpredictable and fun. The shadow side is the rebel, the unpredictable, unforeseen situations and sudden changes that pull the rug from under our feet, leaving us gobsmacked! It could be a decisive week, The Sun & Uranus are Sextile Mercury, Venus sextile Saturn there could be an emphasis on making a choice over an uncertain romantic situation. Mighty Jupiter is involved in the planetary drama, making good things even better and the bad even more horrid! On Saturday Mars at 14 Sagittarius Squares Neptune in Pisces. A challenging aspect that may see more revelations around sexual abuse and the #Metoo campaign as Neptune rules the film industry. On Sunday 18th Feb the Sun and Mercury enter the watery realms of Neptune and Pisces, time to dream, ponder and think about your plans and any new ideas to act on during this New Moon phase.