I am an Astrologer and Tarot reader.

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I first became interested in astrology, starting with Sun sign books when I was 11 years old. It is a fascinating subject, I never stop learning as there is always something more to discover and explore.

I have studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and the London School of Astrology.

Your astrology chart is a mandala of your potential in life, what turns you take on the road are your decisions! Astrology can help you identify how you can flow with your natural talents, when you need to change direction or do approach things differently.

As part of my Lifestyle coaching, that can cover any area of life I offer holistic intuitive coaching sessions to explore your personal astrology map. This allows us to look into certain aspects of your chart, including the myths and characteristics of the planets and how they manifest for you. This can be combined with a Tarot reading.

What is happening for you now and how to make the most of times of positive opportunity. We can look at any challenges that show up in your chart that may be causing difficulties for you in your life at the present time.

I have a Diploma in counselling, with over fifteen years of group and personal counselling & coaching.

My other business is as Regional Director for PracticallySlim Biggleswade and Cambridge area.

Visit PracticallySlim to find how to manage your weight and relationship to food and find out how I can help.

I am chairperson of Bedford astrology club, which meets on the second Friday of each month. We are a friendly group who welcome new members.

Visit Bedford Astrology Club on Facebook or find out more on the Astrological Association


My Coaching and Astrology session with Teresa really helped give me an overview of where I am and take strategic and practical actions to increase my business income. - Mike B

I have had my charts done by Teresa and they were spot on. It helped me to make some positive changes, and I found her to be really thorough. I would definitely recommend her services. - Jan D

One amazing astrologer and talented lady! - Lisa-Marie J